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Rediscover the Love with Raghu and Simran!

What happens when a divorced single father and an estranged single mother meet? Will sparks fly between them? Will Simran and Raghu re-discover love with each other?

Raghu and Simran are on their way to drop their kids to boarding school. While Raghu is driving in his Nano along with his daughter Akku, Simran too is going to drop her son Bunty in her BMW. Both, Simran and Raghu are separated from their respective partners. Raghu is fighting for the custody of his daughter Akku and Simran is struggling to keep her marriage alive. Raghu and Simran are both heartbroken and are trying to relive some precious moments with their kids before they get back to the hustle- bustle of city life.

Raghu and Simran meet when the latter’s BMW breaks down and Raghu offers Simran and Bunty, a lift in his nano. Simran likes everything to be perfect while Raghu is just the opposite, a fun-loving, carefree guy. Raghu and Simran’s first meeting didn’t go down too well. But fate had other plans and the duo kept meeting by chance.

Do you think Raghu and Simran will re-discover love with each other? Will this Mr.Wrong and Ms. Perfect come together?

Guys!! For that you gotta watch the episode because I wont like to Ruin the Story to you.

Here you go People Have fun!!

Teri-Meri Love Stories-18th August,2012 - Raghu and Simran

POSTED • Aug. 18, 2012
POSTED • Aug. 18, 2012

This is so me

  • me: *falls in love with someone who lives 10,000 miles away*
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Armaan’s Coming Back!!

In todays epic episode of Teri Meri Love Stories being telecasted on Star Plus

Armaan is there as the lead actor!!!

I had been waiting for this episode from the time when I got to know that Karan Singh Grover is having a come back through that show.

Today’s gonna be epic,I am gonna see my love back again.

He’s starring with Anita Hassnandani He’s the “Mr. Wrong” and Anita being ” Miss Perfect” .

The story is about Armaan & Anita Hassanandani who plays the character of Raghu and Simran. Karan Singh Grover a father does everything wrong and Anita Hassanandani wants everything perfect .

This story will show how Mr Wrong becomes Mr Right for Miss Perfect!!

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